Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tying our shoes

By Grade 1 and 2 I hope that the children are learning / have learned to tie their own shoes (if not, please send them to school with slip on or velcro shoes! I don't have time to tie and retie shoes multiple times during the day!

I found this website, Tying is a Snap online today.
They sell shoelaces that are half one colour and half another. Genius!

I never thought to do this -- but of course it makes learning to tie so much easier to explain.

Of course, you could make your own by buying 2 pairs of different laces, then cutting them in half tying them together  -- but still go and have a look at the video on the website.

There are also lots of instructional videos on youtube about tying your shoes, if you need help explaining it to your child. My daughter learned how to tie her shoes at daycare -- and to this day I look at her in confusion because she doesn't do it the way that I do.....

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