Sunday, March 8, 2015

2 Dimensional Shapes

We have learned so much about 2D shapes.

These were our Learning Goals and Success Criteria for this math unit, which also involved a lot of problem solving. We are learning to persevere at solving problems.

We will identify two-dimensional shapes and sort and classify them by their attributes.
Success Criteria:
·        I can identify and describe two-dimensional shapes.
·        I can sort and classify 2D shapes by their attributes using concrete materials and pictures.

Identifying and describing, sorting and classifying 2-D shapes:

We will compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes.
Success Criteria:
·        I can compose patterns, pictures, and designs using 2-D shapes.
·        I can identify and describe shapes within other shapes.
·        I can cover outline puzzles with 2-D shapes. 



What CAN you make from squares??





Composing  pictures and designs using 2-D shapes:

We composed and described pictures and designs using 2-D shapes (and made charts of which shapes we used):

 We solved some open ended problems using shapes:
 We have also been exploring shapes in art and are learning the difference between geometric shapes and organic shapes.

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