Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Olympics

The regular Winter Olympics may be over in the rest of the world, but the excitement continues in Room 9!

We started off our Olympic exploration by discussing what the Olympics mean. We talked about how athletes come from countries all over the world to compete in different Winter sports.

We talked about how the Canadian flag represents Canada, and we made our own flags. Then we talked about how each ring on the Olympic flag (logo) represents a different continent. (we looked at the globe and discussed continents. (so much background story!)

Then we discussed the different sports, and looked at some of them in books. We also talked about how the athletes had to work really hard and practice REALLY hard to be able to compete in the Olympic Games.

We watched short video clips on CBC Kids to get some explanations about the sports.

We grouped the sports into :
Ice Sports (Hockey, Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Curling) 

Snow Sports (Downhill Skiing, Ski Jumping, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowboarding)
 There were so many different skiing events! It was hard to keep them straight!

Sliding Sports (Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton)

We made some Ski Jumpers out of straws. We practiced blowing our jumpers as far as we could, and then we had a competition to see who could jump the farthest. The people who practiced the most were able to blow their jumpers the farthest. Just like in real life! Practice really DOES HELP!

We tried to give them nice soft landings on the pillows like on the snow , but none of our jumpers landed on the pillows.

 Then we practiced curling. We started by doing some table top curling with pennies and sliding them to a target.

Then we practiced our sweeping, by sweeping paper plates down the hallway with child sized brooms (note to parents: it it easy to cut down a dollar store broom to make it child friendly. Everyone said how much they LOVE sweeping.....)  We swept in Pairs, each person sweeping the same word as their partner. The "fans" stood along the hall, cheering the word as it was swept along. We were really loud and had a lot of fun!

We are currently making some mini bobsleds and will have bobsled races later this week!

Next week the Paralympics begins. We will look at how the different winter sports have been adapted so that differently-abled athletes can compete in high-performance sports.
(The present-day Paralympic Games include five major classifications of athletes: persons with visual impairments, persons with physical disabilities, amputee athletes, people with cerebral palsy, people with spinal cord injuries and Les Autres - athletes with a physical disability that are not included in the categories mentioned above (e.g., people with Muscular Dystrophy).

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Searching for Evidence

We have been investigating what kind of animals come to our schoolyard. We have been looking for signs of the animals. We have started by looking for their tracks in the snow.

We found many different kinds of tracks, and are beginning to identify some of them! We are awesome detectives!

Maybe a rabbit?

A rabbit? or a squirrel?

We weren't sure what this is.

We think that this one is a cat.

What kind of track is this? It's not an animal, we knew that. 

We think it is a stroller. 
But it could be a wagon.
Or it could be a sled. 
We are hoping to observe a stroller, a sled and a wagon in the snow so we can come to some conclusions! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


After all of the observing snowflakes outside, we wanted to make our own inside.

We copied some with pattern blocks.

 And then we tried our own!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snowflake Bentley

Yesterday we read the story of William Bentley — a man from Vermont who loved the snow. He was the first person to take successful photographs of snowflakes. 

Today we were able to go outside and observe snowflakes! The snow wasn’t falling while we were out— but there was some fluffy white snow that we could shake onto some scraps of black wool fabric — to provide some contrast. 
First we tried to look closely with our eyes. 

Then we used a mini microscope and magnifying glasses to look more closely. 

We even tried to photograph the snow with our classroom camera (waterproof and shockproof!) (we will try to load some of those onto the blog tomorrow).

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Welcome, 2018!

We talked about what the New Year meant ( and how our calendar New Year is different from the Lunar New Year)( which we will celebrate in February).

We read Squirrel's New Year's Resolution. Squirrel helps her friends start their New Year's Resolutions, but she can't think of one of her own. At the end, she decides that her resolution is "to help someone every day" .

We thought that some good resolutions for our whole class would be:
Be Kind
Be Helpful
Be Happy

And then everyone thought up a personal goal for 2018!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - part 6

The field is mostly covered in grass now. We wonder what they will do around the edges? Will they cut the grass off? Will they tuck it under? Will they put something else on top of the edges of the grass?

The big white bags are still on the edge of the field. The construction worker told us that we will have to wait a little longer to see what is in them :)

Changes in the schoolyard - part 5

Today we noticed some big white bags lined up along one edge of the school yard. We wonder what they are for?

We have been seeing so many machines!
Only small, light trucks are allowed to drive on the grass. Heavy trucks will damage the grass.

We saw a water truck. K asked one of the construction workers what the water truck is for. We found out that the water truck wasn't needed here, but the many who was driving the water truck was needed here.

The bobcat has a forklift on the front. The forklift can move the wood pallets that hold the rolls of "underlay".

These workers need to move a large roll of underlay. They put a long pole through the hole in the centre, and then lifted and rolled the roll to move it where they needed it. They made a simple machine called a wheel and axle!