Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 Pizza Lunch for the whole school will be on September 30th!


Pizza, pizza, it’s a treat.
Pizza, pizza, fun to eat.
Ooey-gooey cheese so yummy.
Crunchy crust goes in my tummy.
Pizza, pizza, it’s a treat.
Pizza, pizza, fun to eat!

 This week we focus on short a sound -  at and ap word family
Grade 1 words (not from poem this week)

Grade 2 words (not in poem)

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Curiculum Night

 This is a reminder that Curriculum Night is on Thursday, September 26.
It will be the parents chance to see our classroom and to hear what we do in Grade 1 and Grade 2!

(and to see our awesome "all about me" art!)

 Thursday, September 26, 2013
Beginning at 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm

Please join us at Earl Beatty P.S. for an opportunity to meet and greet the staff at your neighbourhood school

6:15 pm – 6:30 pm – Welcome and Introduction (Gym)
6:35 pm – 6:55 pm – Class rotation #1 presentation
7:00 pm – 7:20 pm – Class rotation #2 presentation
7:25 pm – 7:45 pm – Rotary teacher Visits
7:50 pm – 8:05 pm – IEP Parent Information Session Room 23

At 6:00-8:00 pm the Book Fair will be open in the
Library for you to purchase some reading materials

Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet the teachers to build a strong partnership to support their child(ren)’s education.  The first 2 sessions will provide parents with 2 or more children to visit with their children’s respective teachers.  Teachers will present information about the curriculum and classroom expectations.  French, Music, Phys Ed, Media Literacy and Special Education teachers will also have the opportunity to inform you about their program. 

   The "class rotations" are for parents with 2 children in the school. If you only have 1 child in the school -- After the welcome in the gym,  please come to Room 15 at 6:35 pm for the first presentation. At 7:25, please visit Mr. Reyes, Ms. Donovan and Mrs. Tirkos!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Tribes Agreements

   I have posted this before (a few years ago) but I think that it is worth repeating

Our school is on the Tribes path. You can read more about Tribes here: www.tribes.com/

We follow the 4 Tribes Agreements at Earl Beatty

1) Mutual Respect
2) Attentive Listening
3) The right to participate, and the right to "pass"

4) Appreciations only -- no put downs

We are learning how we can respect ourselves; each other; our own belongings; other people's belongings; our school; our outside environment, etc.

We have read the book The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper

It is likely that the most basic everyday guideline for human behavior is to treat people as you would want to be treated if you were in the other's position. In the United States, this guideline has been known as the "Golden Rule" since the 1800s. Many human troubles, conflicts and tragedies involve situations in which people could have acted according to the Golden Rule but, to their sorrow, they did not. Cultural examples of this in American history include the treatment of African-Americans, Native Americans, other minority groups, laborers and women. Most people can think of personal situations that would have been less stressful if the Golden Rule had been used. (from The Scarboro Missions website)

Our Classroom Rules are pretty much the same (the students came up with them):
1. Be Safe
2. Respect yourself, others and things (be kind)
3. Raise your hand if you want to speak
4. Follow Directions
5. Listen when someone else is speaking
 and a bonus rule: HAVE FUN!

We have also read this book -- which was really funny -- but we learned a lot!

You can listen (and watch) the read aloud on youTube:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Promise

My Promise

Each day I'll do my best,
And I won't do any less.
My work will always please me,
And I won't accept a mess.
I'll color very carefully,
My writing will be neat.
And  I simply won't be happy
  my papers are complete.
I'll always do my homework,
  I'll try on every test.
And  I won't forget my promise-
To do my very best! 

Words of the Week:
This week we are focusing on the short e sound
and talking about vowels.
Grade 1

*  Jared

Grade 2

* forget

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