Saturday, September 7, 2013

Team Building

 On Friday our whole school participated in a Team building play day. Each class dressed in a specific colour. This year our colour was RED! (Usually it is BROWN). I have to say that red sure does make for better pictures! We will have those photos up in the classroom for parents to see on curriculum night (September 26)

Ask your child to tell you about the activities!

Here are some visual reminders.....

 We Started with Bean Bag Toss:


Then we moved on to The Spoon Race (a relay with tennis balls in a spoon)

 Then onto a sponge relay. In this one we had to empty one bucket and fill another smaller one by just using a sponge.

Next up was the parachute.

Then Target Practice!


We moved on to 3 legged race. Earlier groups found that running with legs tied together was too hard (and dangerous) so we just did it with our arms around each other :)


After that we went fishing.


Then had a lesson in cooperative teamwork (standing in a circle and joining hands, we had to move the hula hoop around the circle by stepping through it) . We were SO GOOD at this one!

Next up we had a rest (got drinks, took a break, drew with chalk and skipped if we had any energy left...)

Finally we ran through an obstacle course! Over the climber, through the dome, down the slide, around a wiggly ladder, and then over a pit full or gummy bears who would tickle us if we fell in (imaginary of course :)



 Then we were exhausted and went inside! We had a great time and I learned so much about the class!

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