Wednesday, May 9, 2018


We have been observing some living things.
When it started to get warm (back in February :) we noticed some worms in the soil. Mrs. Nilgun helped the students begin an inquiry into worms!


Mrs. Nilgun brought in some Hornworms! While not an actual worm (it is a caterpillar), they were very cool!

We learned that worms don't like the light, so we discussed if this was the best habitat for worms in our classroom. We decided that after the weekend, we would make a better home for our worms. (We fed our worms an apple core. On Monday it was gone!)

So,  Ms. Brown brought in a bin and a drill and we created a habitat for worms! We filled it with newspaper and leaves and some soil and we added some more food for our worms (apple cores and some veggies from a snack that fell on the floor)



Please take some time to look at Mrs. Nilgun's slideshow about the worm project!