Saturday, March 23, 2019

Happy Holi! Happy Spring!

On Friday we learned about how people in India celebrate spring! They throw colourful powder at each other :) They welcome the arrival of spring by tossing coloured powders known as gulal on friends, family and even strangers! Everyone sings and dances in the streets. We all thought that this sounds like a REALLY FUN celebration!

We were not able to throw the colours at each other, but we made some colourful drawings and then painted over them to create a resist painting with some very bright colours.

We are also learning that although the calendar tell us that it is spring, some days it might still feel like winter and we will still have to wear our snow pants outside. Please send your child in layered clothing to school We are learning the difference between cold, cool, warm and hot. Outside in spring it is cold or cool. In our classroom, it is warm, or sometimes hot.

We will be learning a lot more about spring in the upcoming weeks!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

We are All Scientists

Today we had our Scientist in Schools visit today! It was so much fun!

Thank you to Scientist Sarah for facilitating this, and thank you to our parents who were available to help. Thank you Sarah, Lindsay, Charlotte, Eric, Kevin and Jason -- we trulycould not do this without you!

We were Marine Biologists:

(we made fish prints)

(we measured our fish prints)


(examining shells / exoskeletons)
 (matching seashells)

We were Astronomers:

 (we made constellations!)


We were Chemists:

(preparing to mix some solutions, mixtures and chemical reactions)

 (a solution, a mixture, and a chemical reaction)

We were Paleontologists: 

(we made some casts of dinosaurs)

(exploring dinosaur skulls)

(dinosaur rubbings)

(digging for bones)

We were Meteorologists:

(we did so many fun things as meteorologists! Not shown is when we made "tornadoes" in our jars!)

Ask your children about the different things that they did, what they saw and what they learned! We will have our slideshow/video available to be watched on the ipad when you come to visit us on Arts Night (save the date! May 2nd)