Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


Howard is afraid to go to school. The Snorton twins have been bullying him. Every day they take his lunch and do mean things to him. But Howard is afraid that if he tells the teacher, then the twins will be even meaner.
Howard learns: "Be brave, be bold, the teacher must be told"

We also talked about the difference between accidents and bullying (accidently tripping over something and knocking down a block building isn't bullying -- walking past someone's block building and knocking it over every time they build it IS bullying)

*** I am not aware of any bullying going on in our kindergarten classroom. The reading of this book is, hopefully, a preventative measure***
(and parents, if your child is EVER afraid to come to school -- for ANY reason, please talk to their teacher -- school should ALWAYS be a safe place).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fairy Tales

We studied folktales and fairy tales over the last few weeks....

Both classes studied "The Three Little Pigs" We are still having lots of fun acting out the story. All of the boys want to be the big, bad wolf.... sigh........

Here are some of the piggy masks:
And the houses:
(still in progress)

And some writing:
(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in a few days!

Hi Boys and Girls,
Today is Wednesday. Guess what? I am almost all better and I am coming back to school to be your teacher on Monday (November 22)! I have missed you all so much. That means that Thursday will be the last day that Ms. Sher and Ms. Sawh will be the teachers in our class (because there is no school on Friday). Thank you Ms. Sher and Ms. Sawh for taking such great care of the Room 9 classes!
Ms. Brown

Friday, November 12, 2010


The classes did some counting when making some pumpkins.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Halloween

Things that are scary:

A Halloween Chant:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The kids were very cute (and scary, superhero-like, and bad -looking) on Halloween (I was at school for the full day to see them and take pictures so we could make a Halloween book. The book is finished, but not at school yet).

I wish that I could show their pictures here! We had princesses (and fairy princesses), pirates, Clark Kent/Superman, Wolverines, a Western Outlaw, vampires, Spiderman (and Black Spiderman) Batman, ghosts, Barbie, unicorns, a penguin, a geisha girl, a bee, a construction worker, a fireman, a bat, a Jawa, a pumpkin, a kitten, a clown, a dragon and Robin Hood! -- Oh, but wait -- I can show one of the costumes! Shane (from the daycare) was a Ballerina! If you don't know Shane -- he's very tall and has a shaved head. More football player than princess. But (obviously) a very good sport! I asked him last year why he was never a ballerina for Halloween (last year we had lots of ballerinas at Halloween). He told me that he couldn't be a ballerina because they didn't make tutus in his size. I told him that I could make him a tutu in his size. He said that he'd wear it if I made it. The week before Halloween this year, I brought him his tutu! He added a crown, a wand and some fairy wings on his back! Thanks, Ballerina Shaney, for indulging me and allowing me to use your picture!

Monday, November 8, 2010

More Spiders!

(I haven't been able to get many pictures from the classroom so I haven't posted as often as desired)

The morning class made group paper mache spiders!

The afternoon class made little individual spiders:

(click on them to see them larger)

Spider patterns: