Friday, November 26, 2010


Howard is afraid to go to school. The Snorton twins have been bullying him. Every day they take his lunch and do mean things to him. But Howard is afraid that if he tells the teacher, then the twins will be even meaner.
Howard learns: "Be brave, be bold, the teacher must be told"

We also talked about the difference between accidents and bullying (accidently tripping over something and knocking down a block building isn't bullying -- walking past someone's block building and knocking it over every time they build it IS bullying)

*** I am not aware of any bullying going on in our kindergarten classroom. The reading of this book is, hopefully, a preventative measure***
(and parents, if your child is EVER afraid to come to school -- for ANY reason, please talk to their teacher -- school should ALWAYS be a safe place).

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