Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in a few days!

Hi Boys and Girls,
Today is Wednesday. Guess what? I am almost all better and I am coming back to school to be your teacher on Monday (November 22)! I have missed you all so much. That means that Thursday will be the last day that Ms. Sher and Ms. Sawh will be the teachers in our class (because there is no school on Friday). Thank you Ms. Sher and Ms. Sawh for taking such great care of the Room 9 classes!
Ms. Brown


Ms. Sher said...

I am so happy that Ms. Brown is feeling better. I had so much fun being the morning teacher in Room 9. I will miss everyone so much! Have a great year everyone!

All the best,

Ms. Sher

P.s. If you see me in the halls, please say hi!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ms Brown.
We'll miss you Ms Sher.

(Madi's Mum)