Friday, October 31, 2014

What should Ms. Brown be for Halloween?


 (A Princess because princesses are pretty :)

 (A ghost because they are scary)


 (A princess fairy)

 (A devil because she looks scary)

 (Princess Ariel)

 (A Princess)

 (A fairy princess because she is pretty)

 (A dead living girl because she is scary)
(don't you just love those stitch marks on my arms and legs?)

 (A zombie Pigman because it is creepy)

 (A werewolf because she would look cool in it)

 (An alien)

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for so much :)

We talked about being thankful and what that means. We tried to get to a "deeper" meaning -- not just what makes us happy for a short while (candy, toys), but what makes us happy every single day....

Everyone in Room 15 is doing a great job of sounding out words and using the Word Wall to spell some words. "Because" was on the word wall (I asked the students to try to write why they were thankful). Thankful was also on the board, but some students tried to sound it out themselves. I have given translations for most of the writing.

 (I am thankful for feet)

 (I am thankful for food)

(I am thankful for bones)

 (I am thankful for vacations)

 (I am thankful for babies)

  (I am thankful for Thanksgiving because my family gets together)

  (I am thankful for my house)

(I am thankful for living in Canada because it is a good country)
 (I am thankful for houses because it keeps you warm)
  (I am thankful because of Halloween)

  (I am thankful for video games)

  (I am thankful for my mom and dad because they give me stuff)

 (I am thankful for babies..... )
  (I am thankful for my house because it can keep me warm)

  (I am thankful for school because it helps me learn)

  (I am thankful because.....)

 (I am thankful for my sister, S...)

Have a wonderful long weekend!

(and remember that, due to the holiday, our "days" of our 5 day cycle will move. Pool and Library will now be on Thursdays, until after the next day off, November 14)

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Colour Mixing Experiment

We are now moving from learning about lines, to learning about colours.

We did an AWESOME experiment.

We used red, yellow and blue coloured water.
 Each table group had 3 cups in a row -- the two cups on the ends each had a different colour in it, and the middle cup had nothing in it at all. A strip of paper towel went from each outside cup to the middle cup. Over the course of an afternoon, we observed what happened......

First, the colours began to move up the paper towel strips.... and then down into the middle cup.

  (the baskets with the blocks in the background held the cups while the experiment was happening. We needed the baskets and the blocks to keep the cups upright! I took the cups out so we could observe them, and so I could take some photos)

As all true scientists do, we drew our OBSERVATIONS of what was happening. For this experiment we only used our eyes to observe what was happening.

By the end of the afternoon, the liquids were mixing in the middle cup!

Next week, we will experiment with some more colour mixing by using our paint brushes!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Golden Rule

 We have read the book The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper

It is likely that the most basic everyday guideline for human behavior is to treat people as you would want to be treated if you were in the other's position. In the United States, this guideline has been known as the "Golden Rule" since the 1800s. Many human troubles, conflicts and tragedies involve situations in which people could have acted according to the Golden Rule but, to their sorrow, they did not. Cultural examples of this in American history include the treatment of African-Americans, Native Americans, other minority groups, laborers and women. Most people can think of personal situations that would have been less stressful if the Golden Rule had been used. (from The Scarboro Missions website)

We have also read this book -- which was really funny -- but we learned a lot!

You can listen (and watch) the read aloud on youTube:

We LOVED this book -- and did a great job of remembering ways we should treat others.

Then we came up with somc classroom rules of our own!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Word families

 So far, we have focused on short "a" sounds.

This week we are learning the "an" word family!

At home, please keep practicing the short a sounds.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Our first Learning Goal for Writing

  Our first goal this year, in writing, was actually getting some words on the page that make sense!

 This is coming along VERY well for everyone in the class!

Next up -- we are working on how to write a complete sentence.

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