Friday, October 10, 2014

Colour Mixing Experiment

We are now moving from learning about lines, to learning about colours.

We did an AWESOME experiment.

We used red, yellow and blue coloured water.
 Each table group had 3 cups in a row -- the two cups on the ends each had a different colour in it, and the middle cup had nothing in it at all. A strip of paper towel went from each outside cup to the middle cup. Over the course of an afternoon, we observed what happened......

First, the colours began to move up the paper towel strips.... and then down into the middle cup.

  (the baskets with the blocks in the background held the cups while the experiment was happening. We needed the baskets and the blocks to keep the cups upright! I took the cups out so we could observe them, and so I could take some photos)

As all true scientists do, we drew our OBSERVATIONS of what was happening. For this experiment we only used our eyes to observe what was happening.

By the end of the afternoon, the liquids were mixing in the middle cup!

Next week, we will experiment with some more colour mixing by using our paint brushes!

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