Thursday, October 19, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - part 6

The field is mostly covered in grass now. We wonder what they will do around the edges? Will they cut the grass off? Will they tuck it under? Will they put something else on top of the edges of the grass?

The big white bags are still on the edge of the field. The construction worker told us that we will have to wait a little longer to see what is in them :)

Changes in the schoolyard - part 5

Today we noticed some big white bags lined up along one edge of the school yard. We wonder what they are for?

We have been seeing so many machines!
Only small, light trucks are allowed to drive on the grass. Heavy trucks will damage the grass.

We saw a water truck. K asked one of the construction workers what the water truck is for. We found out that the water truck wasn't needed here, but the many who was driving the water truck was needed here.

The bobcat has a forklift on the front. The forklift can move the wood pallets that hold the rolls of "underlay".

These workers need to move a large roll of underlay. They put a long pole through the hole in the centre, and then lifted and rolled the roll to move it where they needed it. They made a simple machine called a wheel and axle!

Changes in the schoolyard - part 4

We notice something new everytime we come out to observe!
We finally see some grass!

We noticed that the other rolls look like foam, and they look soft. The soft ones are under the grass. We wonder if it will make the grass squishy or bouncy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - part 3

New things keep happening and appearing!

There are big poles at both ends of the school yard. We wonder what these are for? Maybe they will be gates? Maybe they will be part of a fence?

Those giant cylinders were some kind of covering for the ground! We watched one being unrolled. It looked like a giant fruit roll-up! It looked squishy, not hard.
We found out later that these are an underlayer that goes under the grass (turf)

Changes in the schoolyard - Part 2

We continue to observe the yard every day or two. We try to notice what has changed from our last visit!

First, we noticed that the piles of black gravel are gone. We think that they might have been put on top of the field and were smoothed out. Because the field looks darker now.

We notice some wire "tubes" or "cages" lying on the ground.

It was easy to notice these large cylinders. They blocked our view of the field! We looked closely and noticed that there are two stacked together. One on top of the other! We wonder what they are for?

We also noticed lots of signs. Ms. Brown read what they say. The signs are messages that we should follow to keep ourselves safe. The people who do the contruction have to follow the messages to stay safe as well.

Changes in the schoolyard - Part 1

We have been noticing many changes in our schoolyard over the past few weeks.
The fence has been up for many weeks, around a big field of dirt.
First, some big machines made the field very flat. Then we noticed some big piles of dark stones on the field. We wondered what they might be for. We didn't think that they were there for us to play on...

We noticed that there were many different machines. Some for digging, some for moving the earth, some for moving heavy things, and some for rolling and flattening the earth.

When we went back inside, we looked at many different books about construction machines. Some of us created our school yard and used our machines to move the blocks :)

While we were outside, we drew what we observed. Some of us drew the machines, some people drew the field, some people drew the dirt and the gravel.