Thursday, October 19, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - part 5

Today we noticed some big white bags lined up along one edge of the school yard. We wonder what they are for?

We have been seeing so many machines!
Only small, light trucks are allowed to drive on the grass. Heavy trucks will damage the grass.

We saw a water truck. K asked one of the construction workers what the water truck is for. We found out that the water truck wasn't needed here, but the many who was driving the water truck was needed here.

The bobcat has a forklift on the front. The forklift can move the wood pallets that hold the rolls of "underlay".

These workers need to move a large roll of underlay. They put a long pole through the hole in the centre, and then lifted and rolled the roll to move it where they needed it. They made a simple machine called a wheel and axle!

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