Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Changes in the schoolyard - Part 1

We have been noticing many changes in our schoolyard over the past few weeks.
The fence has been up for many weeks, around a big field of dirt.
First, some big machines made the field very flat. Then we noticed some big piles of dark stones on the field. We wondered what they might be for. We didn't think that they were there for us to play on...

We noticed that there were many different machines. Some for digging, some for moving the earth, some for moving heavy things, and some for rolling and flattening the earth.

When we went back inside, we looked at many different books about construction machines. Some of us created our school yard and used our machines to move the blocks :)

While we were outside, we drew what we observed. Some of us drew the machines, some people drew the field, some people drew the dirt and the gravel.