Thursday, December 3, 2015

Problem solving with patterns

We have learned many things about patterns. We have learned to recognize and copy patterns, extend patterns, and make our own patterns. We can identify the core of a pattern. We also learned to show patterns in many different ways ( e.g., blue red blue red  OR a b a b OR 1 2 1 2 OR heart circle heart circle -- all are the same 'pattern'). Finally, we used what we know about patterns to solve problems. 

To warm up, we worked individually , and built patterns with longer cores:

Then we worked in groups to solve a problem:

We tried another problem independently, using beads:

The problem was " There are 9 red beads, 3 green beads, and 6 blue beads. Make a pattern -- using ALL of the beads. Draw your pattern and circle the core."