Thursday, September 13, 2012


Some parents have emailed me to ask about homework.

This year, our homework consists of:
1. Reading each night -- Your child can read out loud to you,  silently to themselves, or you can read to your child. In the homework book, there is a reading log. Parents -- at this point, you can write the books down for your child. I don't want the children to have to struggle and make the reading turn in to a negative experience. However, if your child wants to write it down -- by all means have him/her do it! (if you need a larger reading log, I can provide you with one).
2. Math question calendar -- there is a small question for each night. If it says "count" that means orally -- your child doesn't need to write anything down. The math space in the homework book is for "showing your work" if they need a place to figure something out.
3. Word practice. The words that we practice each week are common sight words that we need to know while we are learning to read and write(or to improve our reading or writing). They may also be "word families" -- words that have the same endings (cat, sat, fat, rat, mat, etc.). Your child has written the words that we are practicing this week in his/ her Homework book. If you can't read his/ her printing, please check the blog. We are working really hard to improve our printing (so it is legible). We are currently focusing on proper pencil grip and proper letter formation of lower case letters.

This is a link to the 2008 TDSB homework policy. 
The homework that we do in Room 15 is considered PRACTICE.
Research suggests that students should get about 10 minutes of homework each night for each grade (i.e. 10 minutes for Grade 1, 20 for Grade 2, etc.). This amount of time should be adjusted upward if the assignments are mostly reading.

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