Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fat Cat Made the Hat Flat

This is our Poem of the Week this week! We use our poems to learn new sight words and word families to read and write. In class we use the poems for shared read alouds, and we illustrate the poems on a page which will be put in personal poetry books to review and practice throughout the year.

The Fat Cat Made the Hat Flat

I wish that I
could take the cat
to school every day.
But if he sat
on Luca’s hat,
Ms. Brown
would take him away.

The Grade 1s are working on the "at" family of words and the Grade 2s are working on the "th" digraph this week.

Words of the Week

Grade 1
bonus word: that

Grade 2
bonus word: there

(the poems come from a variety of sources. If I know the authors I will credit them! If you know the original author of an uncredited poem, please let me know. Sometimes, if I can't find a poem that works with our word study, I will create or adapt a poem)

The font that I used for this poem is called Hello Firstie and is available from Jennifer Jones at Hello Literacy. Thanks Jennifer! You make the BEST fonts and borders!

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