Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to Grade 1-2!

Welcome to Room 15!
We're having a great learning adventure this year -- I'm glad that you have come to join us!
We started the week with a new poem that has lots of high frequency words in it. We put some of them on our Word Wall.

Then we looked at our poems in our poetry books and circled the Word Wall Words (don't worry, Grade 2 parents, the more challenging Grade 2 words will come shortly!)

We'll focus on a different poem every week. Through the poems we will work on our reading fluency, word study, punctuation, visualizing, and vocabulary. We'll be using some familiar songs too!


Elle Crane said...

Love the blog! Josh and I enjoyed it together over breakfast. Looking forward to meeting you Sep 29!

Maureen said...

Happy September! Fond memories of these posts.Bonjour from Cole C.

Maureen and Cole