Monday, September 26, 2011

Table Groups

One of our tasks last week was to name our table groups. I left it up to the group members to decide on their name, and then they made a sign with their group. Some groups decided quickly -- and one group took all day! But it was up to them to reach a consensus -- a name that they could all agree upon.
The groups are always "fluid". The group that you are in this week might now be the group that you are in next week.... but you might be in that same group for the whole year! (not very likely with all of the same group members though).

These are our groups! (I didn't give any input on making the sign... we'll use these signs when we talk about the criteria for a good poster, but they will understand that these are perfect first attempts! I was amazed at how well each group worked together. I am so proud of all of the students in Room 15!

Super Spy Kids!

Super Tigers!

Kung Fu Geckos!

Magic Wands!

Ninja Dogs!

It's really fun to call out the names. "Okay, the Kung Fu Geckos may return to their seats!" "The Ninja Dogs can line up for home time!"

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