Monday, September 26, 2011

Math Monday -- Sorting and Patterning

Our first unit in mathematics will focus on sorting and patterning.
The learning goals for this unit are to:
- Recognize and sort attributes. Children look for things they think have something in common. For example, they may choose objects that are the same colour, size, or shape.
- Describe and draw patterns. (The Grade 2s will also EXTEND the pattern)
- Talk about a pattern rule.
- Use one attribute to make a pattern. (The grade 2s will use 2 ATTRIBUTES)
We will be starting by sorting the items that go into the garbage, and items that go into recycling! ( a lot of paper has been thrown into the garbage over the past few weeks :)
On Mondays I will list some "Home Connections" that you can practice with your child to help reinforce the learning that is happening at school.

Home Connection: Sort Laundry or grocery items into groups with your child (for example, all socks, all shirts, all whites). Talk about how the items in each group are sorted.
GRADE 2: Ask your child "Why do we sort laundry before washing it or putting it away? What other things to we sort?"

*** please note that we will focus a bit on number sense and numeracy each week throughout the year!

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