Sunday, October 17, 2010

We LOVE the pigeon

We just love the antics of the pigeon. I'm hoping that we will be able to write our own pigeon book soon! (Don't Let the Pigeon ________ ).

We're also learning about speech bubbles and thought bubbles. I often hold a bubble over my head with a few words on it, and I ask -- "Am I thinking, or am I speaking?"

(FYI -- a pointy end on the bubble means speech and a bubbly-not joined-end means thought or dream). Sometimes I ask the students what they think I am thinking about (I hold up a blank thought bubble) They give the best answers! (candy, your dog, candy, your daughter, candy, your mommy, candy). Ask your child what they think that you are thinking about. Try showing what you are thinking by showing the emotion on your face!
(click on these photos to see them closer -- they are WONDERFUL drawings)

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Helen said...

Hi Martha,

I wanted to tell you about an idea I had based on your thought bubbles post. I cut one out and when there is something I want to tell Jack to do that I say every day (eg shoes go in the shoe rack not on the floor in front of it) I stand beside whatever the issue is (eg the shoes) and put the thought bubble beside my head and say "what do you think I am thinking?" He smiles and says what he thinks and then does it! Much better for both of us than me repeating myself every day and getting frustrated! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you're feeling well.