Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ms. Brown goes to the hospital

Hi Boys and Girls,

Today is Sunday. This is a picture of me after my operation on Friday. Do you see my hospital bracelet? Just like Franklin!

On my tray is apple juice, orange juice, broth (soup with no yummy bits in it), tea and jello. They had to put some tubes in my nose to give me some extra oxygen to help me breath. I got to come home to my own bed on Saturday, and I have to stay at home and rest so my tummy gets all better. I wish that I could come back to school next week because I miss you all!
Ms. Brown

note to parents -- I had this photo taken just 2 hours after my surgery. I am doing very well! If you are wondering why on earth I posted a picture of myself it is because a few of the children seemed very concerned about me and asked a lot of questions -- one asked if they were going to take my leg off (like Terry Fox) and one asked if I was going to die. I told them that I would put a picture of myself on the computer after to show them that I was okay :)


Maxwell G. said...

Can't wait until you can come back to school. Get well soon!

(And I like apple juice and jello, too)

tsp said...

Hello Ms. Brown. I hope you feel better soon!
From Emily P.

Sandy Michelle said...

Aww that's so cool that your students and their parents read this blog. You're looking good for having just come out of surgery! rest well!

Sandy xox

Maureen said...

"Get even better Ms. Brown. I got a fish.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving."

From: Cole C.

PS- Thanks for letting us know you are doing well. Thinking of you.

Jody said...

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am glad you are feeling better. You are smiling. I am going to wear a dress for you tomorrow.

Love Ceana xo

Stepahnie Wells said...

I love you Ms. Brown and I love to be the Special Helper. I hope you are doing great. Have a good time.
Love Tessa (and her typer - Mom)

Alissa said...

Hi Ms Brown,
Alissa visiting from Excuse Me Mrs C! I have really enjoyed poking through your blog.
Get Well Soon!