Monday, October 4, 2010

Terry Fox

Last Thursday we walked for Terry Fox. I explained to the children that Terry Fox was a young man who got sick and had cancer in his leg. (I also explained that this is very rare) He had to get a fake leg. (I used the word "prosthetic, but they the children kept saying "fake"). He didn't want anyone else to get sick so he decided to run across Canada so people would pay attention to him so he could collect money and give it to doctors and researcher. Every September we collect money and give it to the doctors and researcher too. Then we walk and run -- just like Terry did.

That was pretty much my Kindergarten explanation this year. The students all thought that Terry had a good idea and they thought that it was cool that he ran all that way.

The afternoon class had a chance to see a short video (8 minutes) about Terry Fox with the rest of the school. It was very appropriate for them -- focusing on Terry's strength and what he did, and not so much on his illness and death.

This year was the 30th anniversary of his run. All of the students received certificates this year. It has a space to collect stickers for the next four years (if you can keep track of the certificate throughout the years :) Look in the Thursday folder for it!

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