Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally! the teachers have been decided

After a lot of wheeling and dealing (no one's fault -- my surgery date was suddenly moved -- giving myself and the administration little time to organize and prepare)-- we finally know who will be teaching for me. It will be Ms. Sher in the morning and Ms Sawh in the afternoon. Ms. Sher has been volunteering in the classroom for the past month so we know her quite well. Ms. Sawh teaches Kindergarten in the morning across the hall in Room 5. She pops in frequently to Room 9 in the afternoon, so we are familiar with her too! (and many Seniors will know her because she was the supply teacher in my classroom when I was at doctors appointments last year).

Both teachers graciously allowed me to photograph them today and post their pictures here on the blog! (I took some photos of some of our other teachers -- watch the blog for them next week)

This is Ms. Sher:
And here is Ms. Sawh!

Your children are in excellent hands!!!!

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