Monday, May 3, 2010

Inferring about Spring

Inferring is a thinking skill that is demonstrated when a student makes conclusions based on content from reading, or from triggered prior knowledge.
On April 14 the kindergarten classes walked around the neighbourhood looking for signs of Spring. We were looking for recent additions to our familiar natural world – things that we hadn’t seen during the winter. We then asked the students the question – How do you know that it is spring? They gave such answers such as “I know it is spring because I saw worms on the ground. Worms aren’t on the sidewalk in winter”. “I know that it is spring because I saw forsythia, and the yellow forsythia flowers aren’t there in the winter” What is there in the winter? “ Just the snow and the bare branches.”

(These are posted in the hallway outside of our classroom -- along with many others!)

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