Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day!

During Earth Week we talked a lot about our planet and how we can keep our planet safe. We talked about garbage and recycling (and about the movie Wall e)
One of our favourite books was The Garbage Monster
Don't worry -- it wasn't scary (I always make sure that thy know that things are just pretend in this kind of book).
In it Jo hauls out the household garbage one evening, and the garbage comes alive and threatens her! But Jo plucks him apart limb from limb, and uses recycling to vanquish the beast.

Before we read the book I asked the students what we should do with things that are still useful, but we don't want/need anymore. They came up with great answers! "Give them to people who need them more than us", Give our old toys to children who don't have toys" , "Give them to Honest Earls sale!", "Make something new out of them" "Save them for our own children" (someone actually said "save them for our grandchildren" -- now that's thinking ahead!)

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