Monday, April 5, 2010

Lets Make Rabbits

We read the book Lets make Rabbits and then we tried our own. In the book there is a pencil rabbit and a scissors rabbit (the pencil rabbit is a drawing and the scissors rabbit is cut out of patterned paper). Here's a sample of a scissors rabbit!The students had to trace and cut out their own shapes to make the rabbits and then place and glue the shapes on a background (I helped some students trace -- they all did their own cutting). I assessed their cutting skills and their ability to make it look like a rabbit -- i.e. getting the body parts close to where they should be (for example, the eye and ears should be on the head, and the tail should be somewhere lower). Some students explained that they were making alien rabbits that weren't going to look like traditional rabbits. That was fine too!

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BFine said...

Our beautiful bunny is posted up in our kitchen. S. was super proud to bring it home!