Sunday, May 30, 2010

Butterfly Garden

We painted butterfly gardens. The instruction that I gave the children was to paint a garden the our butterflies would be happy in. Didn't the classes do a fabulous job? (I also told the students that they needed to fill the paper with colour -- I did hear a lot of "Ms Brown, am I done yet?" My answer to this usually is "What do you think?" -- They really do know if they have followed the instructions or not). The children asked if they could glue on some more flowers, so we dug into the collage materials and now we have some beautifully overgrown gardens. Perfect for butterflies. (these paintings are large -- about 18"x24")(We did make some butterflies, but they're not quite finished.....)
(you can click on any of the above pictures to see them a bit larger)
We made some caterpillars too! (they were encouraged to look at our caterpillars but they didn't have to stick with the colours that they saw in real life). They added some other bits and pieces too. I have two very creative classes!

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