Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arts Night

As most of you know, Arts Night was last Thursday (the night before the farm trip -- we didn't plan it this way -- we booked the farm in January!)

At Arts Night the Kindergarten Students performed 2 songs -- This Land is Your Land and Feelin' Groovy. We were so lucky to have a parent come in and help us with the singing. Sheila Philcox is a mom of one of the students in the morning class -- and she came in weekly to teach the morning kindergarten classes some music and movement. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEILA!!! I taught my afternoon myself -- it was a bit harder because we had to learn the songs unaccompanied by piano ( Ms. Brown doesn't play the piano). But we all pulled it together and did a Great Job!!!!

We also had art to display. We displayed our houses that we made from boxes -- and we displayed some new art. We made faux batik on fabric! It took 3 days to complete our pieces. The first day learned all about lines and practiced making some lines with markers. Then we "drew" lines with special glue onto fabric squares. After these dried overnight, we painted the fabric squares with watery paint. These had to dry overnight again. The next day we had to soak and scrub our squares to get all of the slimy glue off. Then we had to let them dry again. It was a lot of waiting! But the result was worth it. These batiks can be frame or mounted onto canvas to hang on the wall. they can also be stitched into a wall hanging -- or to make a cushion cover. They are now up on our classroom wall, but will come home in June.

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maria said...

These are all so beautiful--what lucky kids!