Wednesday, May 24, 2017

High Park in the spring

It was a lovely day to visit High Park. The purpose of this trip was to see the signs of spring.

We always start our visit inside of the nature centre. We got a chance to see this snake up close.

We learned about how seeds grow in the spring, and we made some "seed balls" by mixing seeds into some soil and making some small balls. (We revisited them later)

Next, we went outside and made our own nests, by using natural materials.

Then we went for a walk and noticed these holes in the ground. Then we noticed many insects flying around. They looked like bees. Our instructor told us that they were "Tickle Bees" , or Mining Bees, which are a solitary bee that nests in the ground. They are a sign of spring! ( we don't see bees in the winter!) We weren't afraid because these bees don't sting.

During our walk, we tossed our seed balls out into the savannah.

C.G.'s seed ball stuck onto a tree :) We were told not to worry, because the rain would wash it off!

At the end of our walk we climbed through some obstacles on the path.
We had a great day enjoying nature, and seeing the many signs of spring. What signs did YOU see?

We wish that we could come to High Park every week!

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