Thursday, May 25, 2017

Officer John's Big Adventure

Officer John Tierney is the community school liaison officer who visits our school. He came to our class recently and told us a story. He was helping to explain what police do, and that police officers help people.
We listened to his story, and when he left, we retold his story together and wrote it down. Then, we each illustrated a part of the story, and put together a book.
Here is our book! I hope that we have retold it close to the truth, Officer John!

(I have transcribed the words to the story, just in case they are too small to read on the pages)

Once upon a time there was a police officer named Officer John.

One day, Officer John and his partner were called to someone's house.

They got into their police car and drove to the house.

They got to the house and the lady said, "Something is in my fireplace!"

Officer John looked up in the fireplace and saw two eyes.

Officer John called the animal removal people.

Officer John and the Animal Remover climbed onto the roof.

The Animal Remover dropped a can of smoke in the chimney. Nothing happened.

The Animal Remover dropped a second can of smoke. Nothing happened.

He dropped a third can of smoke.

There was a lot of noise in the house. The other police officer and the lady ran from the house!

They jumped into the police car.

A raccoon ran out of the front door!

Officer John and the Animal Remover looked for the raccoon, but it was gone.

The lady and the other police officer got out of the police car.

Suddenly the other police officer yelled "Run!" The raccoon was running toward them!

The raccoon started chasing the lady, the 2 police officers and the Animal Remover down the street!

The raccoon ran up the telephone pole.

The Animal Remover grabbed the raccoon's tail.

The Animal Remover caught the raccoon in his net.

Finally, the Animal Remover let the raccoon go in the park.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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