Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tints and Shades

We learned that by adding white to a colour, you can make many different tints!
For this work of art, we drew 10 lines on a piece of paper. The lines were supposed to go from one side to a different side. The lines were supposed to be straight, so we practiced our ruler skills! When the rulers were too short, we did some problem solving and used meter sticks. When the meter sticks were too long for our desks, and threatened other peoples spaces, we moved to the floor. Problems solved!
Next we drew or traced a heart shape in the middle of the paper ( it was February - hearts were on our minds! )
Then we painted -- using only red and white paint. We were supposed to paint different tints of red in every section.
These turned out fabulously!

Next we experimented with shades -- by adding black to a colour.
We then made some art using only one colour, plus black and white -- monochromatic art! We chose our colour, then used paint, and added details in crayon and marker.

( we were supposed to fill the whole page with colour, but some of us ran out of time)

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