Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Family Home

 As most of you know -- parents and students alike -- Ms. Brown LOVES books. I love children's books, adult fiction, books about maps, books about decorating, books about art -- almost all books :)

Sometimes I like to do a little book review on the blog. Books that aren't really teaching books -- but are family books.....

A favourite lately is Creative Family Home by Ashlyn Gibson (2013). Photographs by Rachel Whiting. You can find it at !ndigo, or at the Toronto Public Library . Or likely at independent booksellers around Toronto.

Ashlyn Gibson explores 13 homes that encourage creativity in the children who live there.
I would love to live in any of the homes featured in this book! (Well, my home does look like many in the book). The decor is kid-friendly, practical and creative. It's all about using space imaginatively and allowing for children to be creative and be able to express themselves. Creative minds lead to creative problem solvers!

The children in the homes talk about what they love most about their homes and their rooms. Olive says " I love collecting. I have my badge collection on the big lampshade. It's covered with souvenirs my dad brings back for me when he has been on tour."

A lampshade IS a perfect place for one's button collection!

There are also many creative storage ideas. We all need more storage, don't we? You might see some of these ideas pop up in Room 15.

 (a greeting card rack as a bookshelf/ art display area)

And really, don't we all want a room with a swing? :)

Enjoy your March Break! Curl up with a good book :) I am!

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