Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Favourite Word

My Favourite Word
Lucia and James L. Hymes, Jr.

There is one word—
My favourite—
The very, very best.
It isn’t No or Maybe,
It’s Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES !
“Yes, yes, you may,” and
“Yes, of course,” and
“Yes, please help yourself.”
And when I want a piece of cake,
“Why, yes. It’s on the shelf.”
Some candy? “Yes.”
A cookie? “Yes.”
A movie? “Yes, we’ll go.”
I love it when they say my word:
Yes, Yes, YES ! (Not No.)

Words of the Week
Grade 1 + Grade 2
bonus word: quest

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lucruri said...

That is such a fun little poem. Yes, I love it!

lucruri said...

This poem is so fun that I had to share on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/papercrafts.LF
Hope it's all right. (let me know if it is not)