Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Learning about symmetry is easy when you use mittens as an example!

As part of my seasonal gift to the children, I made mittens and they decorated them. The catch? I wouldn't glue anything on until they made the mittens symmetrical. (I used hot glue -- it's a bit fiddly to glue the little bits, so the children don't get to help with the gluing) (I glue with a bowl of cold water beside me to dip my fingers in when I miss a bit)

These were the steps:
1. Try on the mittens that you like. Do they fit? Okay, go to the next step.
2. Place the mittens on the table, thumbs together.
3. Pick 3 things that you want to put on your mittens. Place them on one mitten.
4. Find those 3 things again and put them on the other mitten, mirroring the first one.

That "mirroring" step was a bit tricky for some children. Try it at home!

(and a special thanks to Clare's mom for helping with the morning class!)
(yes, I sewed the mittens from scraps of polar fleece from ArtsJunktion -- it's what I do in my cool basement in the summer when I need to escape the heat)

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