Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!

I can't show the special gifts that we made for the parents because they involved portraits of the children. But they were awesome! I wanted to save every one to put up in our classroom.

For readers who aren't part of our school community: Most of the children in our class celebrate Christmas. I am very sensitive towards the students who do not. We discuss as a class how some people do not celebrate Christmas. We focus on many cultural festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Our gifts to the parents were not "Christmassy" I took photos of the children and adjusted the brightness and contrast then printed them onto regular photocopy paper (black and white prints) Then we glued the papers onto canvas, and coated them with an acrylic medium. Then the children chose 2 primary colours to work with, and they painted the backgrounds, mixing the paints on a palette, or right on the painting.


Deborah said...

Merry Christmas Martha! I love the little reindeer with the two different eyes too:)

xtine said...

we love our portrait and want to make one for each of our children now... hopefully now that you explained it, we can give it a try.

merry xmas ms brown!

from evan and family

Maureen said...

Hope you are having a lovely holiday. The portraits are amazing. We just love it and Cole is so proud. Thank you for all your effort. The mittens are also fabulous- and so clever to be a lesson in balance and symmetry.

Wising you good health, inspiration and laughter for 2011.

Cole and family