Thursday, December 23, 2010


During the last week of school before the break we had lots of fun making rubbings.

This was like an archeological adventure. What would you find when you rubbed the page with crayons? Oh, there's a letter! I found an S! There was great discussion happening!!!

One of the discussions was "How did the letters and pictures magically appear?" I finally showed them at the end of the week!

We used the crayon cakes that we made last year. We peeled the labels off of the old, broken crayons, then put a tiny bit (1/2 tsp) oil in the bottom of each cup of an old muffin tin and placed in some broken crayons in each one until they were 2/3 full. Then we heated them in a 250 F oven for about 15 minutes. The peeling of the crayons took months! I had them out on a table and occasionally a child would wander by and sit down for some quiet time spent peeling.

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