Friday, March 2, 2018

More evidence of animals

We are still looking for different signs of animals in our playground.

When there was still snow on the ground, we found:these tracks in our playground area -- which we think were from a sled  with runners on the sides.

Ms. Brown showed these pictures that she took in her parents driveway. Some of the tracks were so small, that the animal must have been able to fit in Ms. Brown's hand. What kind of animal can fit in your hand?

We also found these (below). What are they we wondered? They were under a tree.... Maybe it was poop! We guessed that maybe it was from birds. It looked very shiny, like it was wet. Someone said that it was wet because it wasn't frozen yet. So it had probably happened very recently... like a few minutes ago! We looked up carefully, then moved out from under the tree, just in case the birds were still there :) Just one more reason not to eat snow....

Animal poop is another sign that animals have been in our playground. We learned that animal poop can be called droppings, scat or dung. We made some different "scat" from brown play dough. (coloured with cocoa -- it smelled delicious). Below is some cat scat, and some rabbit scat that we made from play dough!

Below is "a bit of dirt with tracks in it from a person walking their dog" by M.R. in Room 9.

We will continue to discuss evidence of animals as we see it throughout the rest of the winter and spring.

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