Thursday, March 29, 2018


First we read a non-fiction book about Easter. It explained that Easter happens on the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring. That is why it isn't always on the same date every year. We learned that Easter celebrates new beginnings, like the birth of baby animals (bunnies, ducks and chicks), and the growth of new plants. (The book also mentioned that Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we didn't discuss this concept in depth).

Our Easter activities centred around eggs. Mrs. Nilgun organized some egg activities for us. Everyone had the opportunity to make a shaker by putting different small items inside of a plastic egg. At the end of the day, we danced and shook our shakers to many different songs from different cultures, as well as some popular songs that the children loved (The Gummy Bear Song!)

Mrs. Nilgun also organized an egg-and-spoon relay race. We very carefully carried eggs across the room in spoons. It was so fun!

One of our favourite books this week was The Easter Bunny's Assistant. We learned ways to accept people (or skunks) for who they are, and that sometimes you have to change YOUR way of thinking to keep your friends. (Bunny solves the problem of having a stinky friend by putting a clothespin on his own nose).

Throughout the week, we worked on an activity that challenged our spatial reasoning. Some students found this very easy, and some found it quite difficult. I set the eggs up in the right hand egg carton, and the students had to match it in the left carton.
Click here to read more about why we need to pay attention to spatial reasoning, and how you can support your child in this key mathematics concept.

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