Monday, March 21, 2016

Liquids and Solids

These are the "Big Ideas" that we have been exploring when learning about the properties of liquids and solids:
  •  Materials that exist as liquids and solids have specific properties
  •  Liquids and solids interact in different ways.  
We had many "hands on " learning experiences to investigate the properties of liquids and solids. These are just some of the ways that we investigated liquids and solids:
We had a race with a variety of different liquids. We found that thinner liquids moved faster.

We melted some solids and turned them into liquids, and then back into solids again!
(We used a hot air tool to melt crayons)


We tried to melt ice using different methods. 

After we melted ice, we discussed why it might be important to know how to melt ice (to keep our roads and sidewalks safe!) 

We learned about buoyancy, and experimented with plasticine to see if we could make it float. Then we tired to put pennies in our "boats" to see how many pennies our boats would hold. (I only got a photo of one boat holding quarters -- I think that someone brought their own quarters out!)

 We will learning more about how some liquids and solids can be harmful to us and the environment in April as we focus more in depth on the environment:

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