Thursday, March 3, 2016

Albanian Celebration of Spring

As you know, one of our students moved here from Albania at the end of last summer. This week, he introduced the tradition of the Celebration of March to us. 

Here is an explanation of the celebration in the words of a student:


This is M's bracelet that he wore from home. 

We made ours from heavier yarn. Some students braided, some twisted,, some tied knots and some did even fancier designs! 

We wear the bracelets for good luck!

This is what the trees look like when the bracelets are hung on them. Traditionally they are hung on March 14. March 14 is during our March Break so we will hang them out for the birds on March 11. We hope to see some spring nests in our neighbourhood with red and white yarn! 

(Photo source, Wikipedia)


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