Monday, April 20, 2015


  We have been learning about our senses.
Scientist use their senses to observe the world around them. We are all scientists, so we learned how to safely use all of our senses.

We learned that our eyes send images to our brains and our brains tell us what those images mean.

We learned to  use our sense of smell to observe things.
 These are "smell jars"
In each one there was a different scent. The whole class was really good at figuring our what was in each one!

(banana, peppermint, cinnamon, soap, coffee, pickles)
(not necessarily in that order)

We also had listening jars, and we also listened to different sounds on a cd and tired to guess what the sounds were. (sound bingo!)

We learned about different textures that we can feel with our skin.

Finally, we learned about taste.

We learned that our tongue tastes different things on different parts of our tongue.

We tasted sweet (pixie sticks); sour (lemon); bitter (85% chocolate)(we usually taste dandelion greens, but the weather was just not cooperating this year!); salty (pretzels).


 We then observed a banana using all of our senses! We also learned that we can't use all of our senses to observe everything! You can see the sun, and feel its warmth, but you can't touch, taste or smell it!

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