Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby Quilt for Ms. Poulis!

   Our Principal, Ms. Poulis, had her baby (a boy!) on Friday, April 17th!
She has been off on Maternity leave since March break, so we had a bit of time to sneak around and make her a surprise gift from the whole school. The students in Room 15 were a HUGE help delivering and collecting unfinished and finished squares.

I cut the fabric into 6 1/2 inch squares and lay it out on a set of desks to make sure that there were enough squares. Oops. There weren't -- and I only had 6 1/4 inch fabric left.... So I had to cut every single square down by 1/4 inch. Doh! Thank goodness that the rest of it went together without a hitch.

Each class was given a square of cotton to decorate with their finger prints (and non-toxic fabric paint).

Many classes used a stencil....

There was even a square for staff who don't have a "homeroom", office staff, lunchroom supervisors and caretakers. So, everyone in the school had their fingers in this gift :) (at least once).

 I then took everyone's squares home, heat set them, and stitched them together. Then I added a backing of soft "minky".

The colours below are more "true". The photo above shows the size better.

  (We used setacolour fabric paint and I heat set each square for 5 minutes to make sure that these fingerprints never wash off :)
  The quilt is about 3feet x 3 1/2feet (90cm x 105cm), and is backed with soft green "minky" (kind of like a super-soft velour).
**Technically, this isn't a quilt -- it is a baby blanket. It doesn't have batting in the middle, and I haven't done any "quilting" on it**

  We hope that Ms. Poulis likes it!

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