Sunday, February 8, 2015

Energy in Our Lives

  We have been learning so much about Energy!

 We read many books about energy, and learned that energy makes things happen. It makes things move or change.


 We learned that energy helps us.

We learned that the sun is the earth's principal source of energy. The sun is very powerful.
We made sunprints with pattern blocks.



 We learned that heat can change things (we made popcorn).

We learned that wind can move things (we made pinwheels).

If you put energy into things, it makes things happen!


Our bodies use more energy when they are moving.


Please ask your child how life would be different without electricity. They should be able to tell you what an impact that would have on them, at home, at school, and out and about (in a restaurant, or in a mall).


We observed how we use energy at school. Ask your child how we use energy at home!

(that blue rectangular object is a Smart Board, the red one next to it is a phone)

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