Tuesday, February 10, 2015

100 Tiny Treats

 We counted out 100 tiny treats. 10 of each treat. Then we counted by 10's to make sure that we had 100 treats!

 We came to the conclusion that 100 could be a lot, or 100 could be a little. We learned about perspective.

Enlightening Conversation:
Student: Hey! That's not very many treats! I thought we were getting 100 treats?
Ms. Brown: Did you count them?
Student: Yes, but 100 is supposed to be a lot....
Ms. Brown: 100 is 100.
Student: Next time the treats need to be bigger, so then we'll get more.
Ms. Brown: But you would still have 100.
Student: But they would take up more room in my tummy, so I would be happier. :)

(we are working on "explaining our thinking" -- I think that this student explained their thinking very well!)
(we will be doing further inquiry into capacity and volume as compared to mass shortly)

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