Monday, September 15, 2014

Math Monday -- Learning Goals for this week

  Our Math Learning Goal for this week:

We will show numbers in different ways.

Success Criteria:
I can explain what a numeral and a number is.
(Numeral: a written symbol that expresses value)
(Number: a value shown with a symbols, objects or words)
I understand that the symbol and word for one means 1 object when I count things.
(one to one correspondence)
I can use numerals, pictures and objects to show numbers up to 20.
I can read and write number words up to ten.
I can use numbers to show how many or how much.

 Our Learning Goals are Expectations from the Ontario Math Curriculum for Grade 1. Our success criteria are those things that we need to do to achieve our goal. The curriculum expectations should be met by the end of Grade 1. The reading and the writing of the number words may take longer than the other success criteria!

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