Thursday, September 25, 2014

Borrow - a - Book

Another thing that we talked about at Curriculum Night was about a "Borrow-a-Book" Program. It is hard to find books at beginner reading levels!
I have many of my classroom books leveled by Guided Reading Levels.
I am going to  (try) to implement a Borrow-a-Book program in Room 15. It will only work if the books are returned each week!
I will send home 2 books at each child's GRL every Monday and they can be kept at home and read (multiple times) during the week. They should come back on FRIDAY.
It will take a bit of organization to get this started and keep it going, so we may have some glitches at the beginning. Please be patient (and understanding if the same book comes home twice)!

I will *try* to get this started within the next 2 weeks!

Here is a link to Scholastic's explanation of Guided Reading Levels.

Here is the link to Fountas and Pinnell's Text level Gradient.

(Brown Bear, Brown Bear is GRLevel C)

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