Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're looking for Plastic Bottles

We need plastic bottles ASAP! (we need them on Monday, April 2)

*** edit**** We will collect them all this week -- we need 10 matching sets!

I you have any at home, in your recycling box, please send them to school on Monday with your child. We need them WITH lids and need them to be dry inside (rinse them, shake the water out, then leave it open on its side overnight).
We could use water bottles, juice bottles or pop bottles, etc. Smaller is better. The little chubby bottles are great! We are making something with them..... We'll put them on the blog later in the week.

ALSO -- we are needing plastic jars or containers like baby wipe containers (large or small). The plastic jars from peaches or mandarin oranges are perfect. Please don't send in any peanut butter or other nut butter jars. We will be using them to store math manipulatives for our table groups.

Thank you so much!!!

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