Monday, March 5, 2012

Math Monday - Time

We have started learning to tell time

The Grade 1's will be learning to tell time to the hour and half hour. The Grade 2's will be learning to the quarter hour!

We are starting slowly. For the next few weeks will be focusing on time to the hour and the half hour and then add the quarter hour for the Grade 2's later in the spring. At home, please practice telling time with your children!

If you have a smartphone or ipad -- the Mingoville Funclock App is kind of fun. It's .99 and you can see a demo here. (this is not a real endorsement -- some parents have asked for suggestions)

On the regular computer to you see some YouTube videos or play an interactive game:

Here is a YouTube Video for telling time -- I like this one, but it is from Virginia, so the speaker has a bit of a different accent than we have :)

This is an interactive game for time to the half hour -- Stop the Clock (1/2 hour)!.
Stop the Clock to the 15 minutes

If you want to make a "hands on" clock to use at home, feel free to ask me for a paper plate, some black cardstock for hands and a split pin to attach the hands. I would suggest putting dots where the numbers should go, and then having your child write the numbers on with pencil, and then trace with marker. Getting the numbers spaced properly is very difficult. That's why we start with 12, 3, 6 and 9. (and give a fraction lesson while we're at it).

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